• Q: How is the project financed and what will the cost be to the local residents and taxpayers?

    A: There will be no tax increase as a result of this project. The state aid and reserves used will cover the debt in full.

    Q: Do we really need this project?

    A: The district is required to conduct a building conditions assessment every five years by the State Education Department. The district prioritized items identified through the building conditions survey and brought those imminent issues forward. The project includes many items and improvements for the safe and healthy operations of our schools.

    Q: What is the long-term plan for maintaining the facilities?

    A: Our buildings continue to age, and our facility needs are large and ongoing. Our facilities host almost 2,000 people every day between students, staff and visitors walking on our floors, opening and closing our lockers, doors and windows, playing in our gyms and athletic fields, eating in our cafeterias, and driving and parking on our roads and lots. Normal wear and tear and the effects of time have taken their toll on our buildings and grounds. We expect and should plan on having additional projects in the future.

    Q: What is Smart Schools Bond Act?

    A: The Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) was passed and enacted in the NYS general election of November 2014. The purpose and intent of the funding is to finance technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunities for students throughout the state. The district was awarded $ 1,987,752 in SSBA funds. The building aid and SSBA funds are opportunities intended to offset the local taxpayers’ contribution and repair costs.