Distinguished Hannibal Warriors

  • Mission Statement

    1. Distinguished Alumnus

    To recognize alumni who have achieved distinction through outstanding accomplishments, lifetime achievements, or significant contributions to the community.

    2. Distinguished Faculty/Staff/Community Members

    To recognize a person who has gone above and beyond for the students of the school district and/or school community at large.

    Nomination and Selection Process

    1. Nominees to the Hannibal Central School District “Distinguished Hannibal Warriors” shall be selected based upon and meet at least one of the three following criteria:  

    • Graduate of Hannibal Central School;
    • Staff Member of Hannibal Central School;
    • Established Community Member.

    2. Significant achievement of nominees, may include:

    • Job-related achievements;
    • Professional honors, affiliations, awards and publications;
    • Civic or community involvement;
    • Personal achievements/accomplishments;
    • Educational achievements; or
    • Other appropriate qualifications which the committee believes merit consideration.

    3. The committee shall solicit nominees.  The nomination committee shall plan adequate publicity to insure high quality nominations.  Anyone may submit a nomination for any person meeting the criteria.  Every person nominated shall be eligible for three years.  They may be re-nominated.

    4. The committee shall select nominees for induction annually, with a recommended maximum of three recipients.  In extenuating circumstances the committee, by majority vote, may exceed the annual three-inductee-maximum.  In the event no nominee qualifies, no one will be selected for that year.  The committee should not feel obligated to select any given number of nominees.  The quality of the nominee is of primary importance for the program to succeed.

Nomination Form