Facilities Use Form

  • Download the facilities use form now or pick up a paper copy at the Business Office or Director of Facilities' Office.

Facilities Use Guidelines

    1. Facilities Use Request will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2. Applicants shall give at least 48 hours notice to the Facilities Director’s Office of a cancellation of previously scheduled use. Failure to do so may result in the District charging the applicant for all expenses incurred in regard to making the facility available for use.
    3. The responsible party for the user shall notify building personnel when they arrive and vacate the building.
    4. Any group or individual requesting the use of the school facilities must submit an application (Building Use Request) not less than two weeks prior to the time of the activity date. The Building use Request Form is available online. If you do not have computer access, paper request forms can be obtained at the Business Office or Director of Facilities Office.
    5. Additional release form is required for fitness room use.
    6. Keys to the buildings of facilities shall not be issued to any individual or group for entering a District facility. Facilities must be opened and closed by Custodians or authorized District personnel at the times arranged during the application process.
    7. Approval may be denied due to the lack of appropriate space or if a previous activity sponsored by the applicant resulted in a violation of any aspect of the School Board policy and/or guidelines. Facilities will not be made available for any use that might result in undue damage or wear, or is not consistent with the use for which the space was designed.
    8. It is the responsibility of the applicant/user to report to the Facilities Director’s Office and/or the School Building Principal, by the close of the next business day, all non-emergency injuries and damage due to the activities of the applicant/user. If the incident (damage to the facility or injury to a participant or attendee) is an emergency, the incident is to be reported immediately to the Custodian Supervisor who can be reached by the school employee or custodian on duty during the event.
    9. Tobacco use shall not be permitted and no person shall use tobacco on school grounds at any time. For purposes of this policy, "school grounds" means any building, structure, and surrounding outdoor grounds contained within the District's preschool, nursery sc hool, elementary or secondary school's legally defined property boundaries as registered in the County Clerk's Office; as well as all District vehicles, including vehicles used to transport children or school personnel. For purposes of this policy, tobacco is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, cigarillo, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, and any other smoking product, and spit tobacco (smokeless, dip, chew and/or snuff) in any form.
    10. Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and other substances: The Board of Education recognizes that the misuse of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco is a serious problem with legal, physical, emotional and social implications for the entire community. Therefore, the consumption, sharing and/or selling, use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal drugs, counterfeit and designer drugs, or paraphernalia for the use of such drugs is prohibited at any school-sponsored event or on school property at all times. The inappropriate use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs shall also be disallowed. Persons shall be banned from entering school grounds or school-sponsored events when exhibiting behavioral, personal or physical characteristics indicative of having used or consumed alcohol or other substances.
    11. It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly possess any air-gun, spring-gun or other instrument or weapon in which the propelling force is a spring, air, piston or CO2 cartridge upon school grounds or in any District building without the express written authorization of the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. Additionally, the possession of any weapon, as defined in the New York State Penal Code, on school property or in school buildings is prohibited, except by law enforcement personnel or upon written authorization of the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. Unlawful possession of a weapon upon school grounds may be a violation of the New York State Penal Law, and is a violation of School District policy and the Code of Conduct. The possession of a weapon on school property, in District vehicles, in school buildings, or at school sponsored activities or settings under the control and supervision of th e District regardless of location, is strictly prohibited, except by law enforcement personnel. Any person possessing a weapon for educational purposes in any school building must have written authorization of the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.
    12. Games of chance and lotteries, Gambling, drinking or possession of intoxicants, illegal activities of any kind, profanity, objectionable language, disorderly acts/action, or dress, or boisterousness in any form are prohibited in school buildings or on school property. Violators will be ejected from the premises. “Amusement games”, as defined by state law, are permitted at school PTO approved functions when licensed as required by law.
    13. If kitchen equipment is used an authorized cafeteria employee must be on duty. The group using the facility will be charged accordingly. No food or other items are to be stored in the kitchen except during the hours stated on the Facilities Use Request. The school does no t provide any expendable supplies, (trays, napkins, etc…), unless previously arranged through the School Food Service Manager. Charges will be assessed for such use.
    14. Permission for bringing equipment such as concession stands or carnival equipment on to school property must be requested in writing 30 days prior to the date of use. The same holds true for requests to connect to any electrical or water sources. Additional charges may be applied.
    15. It is expected that an employee of the School District will be on duty at any indoor school activity when the facilities are in use. In most cases this requirement can be fulfilled with the presence of a custodian. When a custodian is assigned after hours and on weekends, they will open and close the school and be on call while they perform regular school cleaning duties. Approval may be denied due to lack of custodial coverage.
    16. It is the responsibility of the applicant to restore the school property, facilities, grounds, and equipment in good, clean condition for occupation by students and staff. If the property, facilities, grounds, and equipment are not left in the same condition as received, the applicant can be charged for cleaning services. Additionally, the applicant will be charged for any damages to the property, facilities, grounds, and equipment. This includes holes in parking lots, broken windows, holes in walls, etc.,. Also the user shall be responsible for all damage or loss of school property, including that belonging to students or employees, occurring during the time the facilities are in use by the user.
    17. The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for crowd control measures, including the employment of police protection when required. Such control shall be arranged in advance by applicant when deemed necessary by applicant or school district.
    18. Any substance used to mark school grounds for activities such as soccer, softball, or baseball must be approved in advance by the Director of Facilities and must be removed at the end of the activity.
    19. Gym shoes are required to be used in any School District gymnasiums. Street shoes and shoes with black soles are prohibited on gym floors.
    20. The Facilities Use Request does not authorize the use or operation of any school equipment other than specifically stipulated on the request. Specialized equipment such as stage lighting, scenery, curtains, projectors, PA systems, bleachers, etc.,. shall be permitted only when operated by school employees or by other persons authorized by school officials. Requests to use specialized equipment must be indicated on the request.
    21. No furniture or equipment may be moved without express approval on the Facility Request or written consent of the Director of Facilities. Furniture and/or equipment must be returned when event is over.
    22. Posters, flyers or other advertising materials to be used to promote activities at Hannibal Central School facilities are subject to review in advance by the Superintendent of schools.
    23. Signs, displays and/or materials may not be attached to walls, windows, woodwork, draperies, or general property without approval by the Director of Facilities.
    24. Facility Use Requests are limited only to the specified area/ room or rooms, during the hours and days specified.
    25. The parking of automobiles and other vehicles shall be restricted to areas designated by School District Officials. The use of motor-driven vehicles, including cars, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and other such vehicles is prohibited on any school grounds or areas except for authorized school functions or purposes.
    26. With the exception of voting equipment, and/or approved storage by School District Officials, storage of supplies or equipment belonging to the applicant is not permitted.
    27. All organizations using the school facilities shall provide adequate appropriate adult supervision that shall remain with the group during all activities and be responsible for the group’s conformance with the appropriate rules and regulations. This also includes the time before and after the event during which the participants are on school property. The minimum of one supervisor per 10 students is to be used.
    28. Microphones, podiums, overhead projectors, and other equipment may be available upon request. It is the applicant’s responsibility to note these needs at the time the request is submitted. A trained employee of the district may be required to operate this equipment. The fees for these personnel will be assessed.
    29. In the event there is an admission charge, a collection of donations, or the use is one of fundraising, the money or funds ch arged or collected will be dedicated to educational, charitable, civic, or community purposes; and, no money or funds so charged, collected or raised will result in any private or commercial gain.
    30. When school has been closed for any emergency – inclement weather, health issues, etc.,.the school facilities will be closed for ALL during that same period of time. For instance, if school is closed for an emergency on a Wednesday, the school will remain closed for the entire day. The school will attempt to contact or leave a message for the contact person when such closures occur. The rental of school property on holidays is not permitted.
    31. Insurance requirements — Use of Facilities