Early College High School

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    Incoming Hannibal High School freshmen have been given the opportunity to apply to an Early College High School- Health Sciences program where they could simultaneously earn both high school and college credits. Participation in the program will also put a handful of HHS students on the pathway to local employment in the health services field through Oswego Health or Oswego County Opportunities upon graduation. Once Hannibal students apply and are accepted into the program, they will earn upwards of 38 credits toward an associate’s degree at Cayuga Community College at no cost to the students and their families. 

    Throughout the course of study, the selected HHS freshmen would attend school in Fulton in the mornings, as the program is a collaborative effort among the Hannibal, Mexico and Fulton school districts. HHS students who participate in the ECHS program will still be afforded the extra-curricular activities at their home school. As participation in the program progresses, HHS students will eventually attend in-person classes at CCC’s Fulton campus and become immersed in the college experience. Future CCC courses will include: personal health, career and life planning, human biology, lifespan, and anatomy and physiology, among several others.

    Future related job options from the program and additional education could include: medical and clinical laboratory technologists, radiation therapist, respiratory therapist, registered nurse, occupational therapy assistant, physical therapy assistant and licensed practical nurse.

    Skill-building and career fair participation also will play pivotal roles in the program to ensure student success.

    Additional benefits of the ECHS program include: on-site job visits, mentoring, job shadowing and potential paid internships through Oswego Health. OCO has agreed to delve into its networks to make similar connections for enrolled students.

    Interested incoming HHS freshmen who would like to apply to the program should Contact DMK Principal Shawn Morgan at (315) 564-8120.


  • Q: Will students be able to participate in Hannibal activities?
    A: Yes

    Q: Is there an exit option if a student gets there and decides it’s not a good fit?
    A: Yes, although students will first be encouraged to remain in the program.

    Q: Will the program have a counselor like P-TECH does?
    A: Yes, ECHS-Medical Coordinator Nate Murray (an employee of the Fulton City School District) will act like the counselor and the check-and-connect person.

    Q: Will students earn a college level degree (i.e. Associate’s)?
    A: Not the entire degree, but participants will earn a bulk of the credits needed for a two-year degree through Cayuga Community College.

    Q: Are there internships tied to the coursework?
    A: Yes; a plethora of opportunities and like-resources will be available.

    Q: Is it an extended school day?
    A: No; all work will be completed within the same timeframe as a traditional high school setting.

    Q:  Would the student attend Fulton in the AM or PM?
    A: ECHS- Health Sciences participants will attend Fulton schools in the morning for their freshman year.

    Q: What is the target population for this program?
    A: Incoming freshmen for the fall of 2020.

    Q: At Fulton, are our students in classes with other ECHS students or the general student population?
    A: The intention is to immerse HHS students with all ECHS- Health Sciences participants from both Fulton and Mexico.

    Q: Are identified students eligible for the program?
    A: Yes