Board of Education Goals

  • Area: Academic

    • Further improvement upon student success rates on NYS Assessments and Regents Exams that will bolster graduation rates.
    • Create opportunities for students through: curriculum, instruction, and enrichment experiences that promote skill development in the area of college and career readiness.
    • Support all faculty and staff with quality professional development so they will develop and deliver a high-quality instructional experience for students.

    Area: Parent and Community Engagement

    • Increase school to home communication to both inform and invite families to access educational resources available to them.
    • Increase awareness of local workforce needs and local career opportunities through community partnerships.

    Area: Finance

    • Maintain a strong financial position and continue to prepare for the future needs of the District.
    • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.

    Area: Facilities and Safety

    • Execute the capital improvement project to update and upgrade our facilities.
    • Discover and build upon resources that promote a safe and productive educational environment.