Student work in focus during Hannibal’s DMK on Display event

Hannibal’s Dennis M. Kenney Middle School recently hosted its annual "DMK on Display" learning showcase, an event celebrating the diverse talents and hard work of its students. This showcase featured an impressive array of art projects, a wax museum, and various other creative displays that transformed the school into a gallery of student achievement.

The highlight of the event was the wax museum, where students brought historical figures to life. Dressed in costumes and armed with well-researched biographies, these student "wax figures" stood motionless until visitors stopped by to ask questions about the character’s life and accomplishments.

“Our students worked incredibly hard to research their subjects,” said DMK Principal Khrystie Allen. “Their research paid off and they really embodied their characters. We’re so proud of our students for their efforts!”

In addition to history, the showcase included a variety of projects spanning multiple disciplines. Science exhibits, literary projects, artwork, and social studies presentations highlighted the work. Models, posters, and displays allowed students to demonstrate their knowledge and share their work with their families and school community.

"DMK on Display was not just an exhibition of work, but a celebration of learning, creativity, and community,” Allen said. “It provided students with an invaluable opportunity to take pride in their work and share their achievements with peers, teachers, and family members.”