Scholarships awarded to Hannibal High School seniors

Hannibal High School recently celebrated its annual scholarship night, which honored the academic and extracurricular achievements of its graduating seniors.

Thousands of dollars in scholarships were awarded throughout the evening, thanks to the generosity of local businesses, community organizations and alumni. The financial awards ranged in value and criteria, recognizing achievements in academics, athletics, arts, leadership, and community service.

Executive Principal Meredith Furlong welcomed the families in attendance and lauded the students for their achievements. “Congratulations in advance on the awards you will receive tonight,” Furlong said, while also thanking the parents and guardians for supporting their child throughout their academic journey.

The following students received at least one scholarship during the ceremony: James Moore, Chloe Kerst, Hailey Barbeau, Sean Taylor, Adin Besaw, Hailey Branham, Zoey DeRocha, Stephen Harley, Antonia Hernandez, Kassidy Hofmann, Sarah Lafurney, Erica Lockhart, Tabitha O'Connor, Brian Parker, Camryn Parker, Joseph Reifsnyder-Gugliotta, Reese Watts, Brooke West, Noah Melita, Joseph Smith, Leo Sinko, Brandi Weindl, Brady Kuc, Ryan Dennison, Alison Hallinan, Julianna Kaufman, Trinity Lannon, Riley Somers, Zoey Turaj, Quin Horn, Mia Knight, Iran Quiles, Shelby Trumble, Ethan Fowler, Lexus Sinko, Hunter Searor, Elera Berrus, Jaiden Koskowski, Skylar Blake, Emily Kerst, Hailey Linn.