Global School Play Day a success at Fairley Elementary

Fairley Elementary students recently participated in a global initiative to promote learning through play during Global School Play Day.

The worldwide event, held Feb. 7, was designed to give students time for free play without the use of screens, structured games or adult direction. Children were able to explore their creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interactions in an unstructured and spontaneous environment.

“This event helps build classroom communities and helps address the various academic and social emotional needs of our students,” said Fairley Elementary Principal Amy Bird. “Students participated in self-directed activities where they learned valuable skills while having fun.”

Although there wasn’t any snow outside for this year’s event, students had fun on the playground and running around outside. Indoors, they also played board games, cards and memory games.

“It’s hard to measure the success of Global School Play Day, but the smiles on our students’ faces says it all,” Bird said.