Hannibal Students Deliver Impressive Performances at All-County Festival

Hannibal was well-represented at the recent All-County Band and Chorus Festival at Fulton HS. The school had 13 students participate.

Giada Westcott, Jullian DeMunn, Kalyssa Harris, Jaxson Clayton, Kyliegh Miller and Abby Abrams were the band students who attended the festival. Hunter Hutchinson, Jessalyn Dunsmoor, Marissa Kaufman, Lily Kolb, Steven Pallotta, Alexia Howland and Xander Lyon attended for chorus. Each group was also joined by their instructors, Mr. Jeff Sawyer and Dr. Denise Ellis, respectively.

The students, all in sixth grade, were tasked with performing pieces that were more difficult than what they were used to. Through practice and hard work, the students all gave wonderful performances.

Beyond music, the students also had the opportunity to form new friendships with students from other schools around the county.

“The students worked very hard and gave an outstanding performance,” said Dr. Ellis. “While at the festival, they made all sorts of new friends and shared experiences together. It was great to see.”Members of Hannibal’s middle school chorus at the All-County Festival.Members of Hannibal’s middle school band at the All-County Festival.