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Teaching Assistant

Have you ever considered becoming a teaching assistant? Teaching Assistants work to support our students and teachers throughout the day in many different ways. This is a certified position where you would need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a HS diploma
  • Take 2 courses online (one is free, one you pay for). Financial assistance may be available.
  • DASA course at BOCES (~$100). Financial assistance may be available.
  • State Teaching Assistant test at any location (~$100). Financial assistance may be available.
  • Create a TEACH account (Pay $35 to apply for your certification and be sure to submit all documentation).
  • Fingerprinting

School Aide or Monitor

If a teaching assistant isn’t something you would like to do, but you are still interested in impacting our school community, how about becoming a school aide or monitor?

Teaching assistants, aides, and monitors work September through June with all student holiday and vacations off. We have an excellent health insurance, dental and retirement plan.

Please let us know if you are interested in working for us by filling out an application and turning it in. Interviews take place each week and we are happy to help you navigate the teaching assistant process!