Awards, scholarships presented to Hannibal High School students

As Hannibal High School upperclassmen prepare for their next steps, dozens recently received scholarships and awards to help them pursue their future.

The annual awards ceremony, held in the school gymnasium, recognized seniors and select juniors for academic success, character, and community contributions. Thousands of dollars were awarded throughout the evening thanks to local organizations, agencies, community members and other scholarship supporters.

“Each award recipient is being recognized tonight for the hard work and self-discipline that ultimately leads to achievement and lifelong success,” said Hannibal High School Executive Principal Meredith Furlong. “We are so very proud of you. Congratulations!”

The following students earned one or more scholarships/awards during the ceremony: Lena Turaj, Chloe Joyce, Katrina Ryder, Georganne Melucci, Emily Barbeau, Cole Hess, Jacob Remillard, James Jolliffe Jr., Trinity Taylor, Alexander Wilder, Madison Bergman, Alex Hall, Ann Hayden, Alex Scott, Sandy Allen, Tristan Summerville, Sean Taylor, Gavin Griffin, Alexis Arnold, Santos Hernandez, Mandy Allen, Shaiden Hollenway, Sora Yakushinji, Kiley Emmons, Samantha Emmons, Camrynn Utter, Todd Halsdorf II, Noah Waldron, Nevin Horning, Brielle Shear, Chloe Knopp, Skylar Blake and Chloe Kerst.