Novelis visits Fairley for STEM career exploration workshop

Third-grade students at Fairley Elementary recently explored STEM careers during a hands-on workshop led by Novelis employees.

The workshop provided unique opportunities for students to practice critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration, among other skills. It also aimed to help students develop basic skills that apply to many parts of life, not just technology and engineering careers.

Novelis’ hands-on workshop focused on students using Play-Doh to simulate things like recycling, melting, and casting. Students were encouraged to ask questions and help them discover their own solutions, to stimulate their curiosity and to help them to think in new ways.

“This workshop designed by Novelis helped the students think more critically and see how the STEM fields are used in a variety of career paths,” said Fairley Elementary career resource specialist Meg Welling. “We’re so grateful to Novelis and all our community partners for helping our students learn about many different careers. The students really enjoy these hands-on learning experiences.”