HHS welcomes Mahoney as assistant principal

For new Hannibal High School Assistant Principal Kathy Mahoney, becoming a member of the Warrior family has been rewarding as she continues to build relationships with students, staff and the community.

“The best part of being at Hannibal so far has been getting to know the students participating in the various summer programs we are running,” Mahoney said. “It has also been really great working with the staff that has been at school this summer, and they have proven to me that everyone at Hannibal embraces the belief that students come first!”

Mahoney earned her CAS in Educational Leadership from SUNY Oswego in August and also holds degrees in elementary education and teaching students with disabilities. She has classroom teaching experience in APW elementary school and in the Syracuse City school district, and spent many years working in Early Intervention in Onondaga County.

“It was through Early Intervention that I developed a strong belief that student success relies on both caregivers and educators collaborating with one another – we must work together to maximize each student’s potential,” Mahoney said.

She aims to use collaboration to maximize student potential in her new role at the high school by developing relationships with students and their families, with staff, and with the Hannibal community.

“I plan to attend as many events, both at school and in the community, as possible,” Mahoney said. “I also invite students, families, staff, and community members to reach out to me to say hello and share your thoughts and ideas on our school.”