Senior Play to air on Facebook at 7pm Jan. 22

To our faithful audience, 


Welcome to the Senior Play performance by Hannibal’s graduating class of 2021! Here's everything you need to know about our Senior Play!


Let’s discuss virtual theatre: what is it? Virtual theatre is a new and interesting gateway of theatrical performance that is now growing to be more popular in recent times, and it really has potential! Not long ago the world was taken under by a sudden pandemic that no one expected, forcing families to isolate themselves in complete solitude within the walls of their own homes. And though this unfortunate time has taken the better part of 2020 and is reaching its tendrils into 2021, many good things have come from it—you just have to be willing to see it! Many actors and background media workers have worked extensively for this accomplishment, and it’s safe to say that they’ve made much progress in the world of performance. Each day we’ve watched many people grow & adapt to this situation and reach this satisfying outcome. 


We’ve taken into account all the possible mishaps that come along in Zoom recordings and may be in the upcoming performance; even the significant difference from the normality; or how this couldn’t possibly go smoothly. Trust us when we say that this show has been a great experience to put together, working with each other online and successfully putting on a play through a screen. And, in reality, it might just shock you and exceed your expectations! We each look forward to sharing our hard work with you, so give our virtual play a chance!


Now, ladies and gentlemen. After much hard work and cooperation, we’re happy to announce our Senior Play to you: School Picture Day by Kamron Klitgaard, produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service; Denver, Colorado.


Student photographer Mr. Barnaby holds a deep, dark secret: when he was a young boy in middle school, his mother set him up for the worst life an adult could possibly imagine by mistakenly mixing Pajama Day with Picture Day—young Barnaby’s life was ruined at an early start. Accidentally wearing Spongebob pajamas to school and getting his official picture taken, he was destined for a long life of mockery and embarrassment. 


To take all the attention from himself, Barnaby seeks revenge for his humiliation by becoming a school photographer; vowing to one day avenge the wrongs of his past by taking it out on poor, unsuspecting students. Using computer technology and the help of a photo graphing fool (two words!), Barnaby plans to rid the world of his horrid humiliation and take back his honorable name. His bad reputation will be no more!


What will happen on this virtual picture day? Will he finally achieve the revenge he’s been seeking his entire life, or will the ‘unique array’ of students hamper his dastardly plans and open his eyes to the reality? Please join the Hannibal Senior High School for our annual Senior Play—with the graduating class of 2021—through your screen! We appreciate all who partake in our performance and we give a very special “thank you” to everyone that’s helped and supported us on this interesting virtual journey—especially our teachers-turned-students who joined our cast. We hope you enjoy School Picture Day; but whatever you do, don’t let Mr. Barnaby and his assistant take your picture!




Director, Co-Director, Advisor, & the Senior Play Cast.
Synopsis by Patricia Schumacher, Senior Play Producer. 
Edited by Emma Deloff, Senior Play Director.