UPDATE: April 20

Dear Warrior Families,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I also want to thank you for all you are doing to support your family through this pandemic crisis.

As you know, unlike colleges and universities who closed their campuses for the rest of the semester, public schools have been closed in two to three week increments. We have been mailing out educational packets to our students and believe it now time to shift the majority our instructional efforts to an electronic platform with accountability measures for our students. This means, students will begin to receive their work online. For the families with internet access who may need a ChromeBook please use this link to reserve the technology. For families who do not have any access to the internet; we are working with various network providers to offer some temporary solutions. In the meantime, we will mail your work and we need you to mail it back to us upon completion.

Today, I am writing to share some updates related to how we will continue to offer instructional and report grades through the third marking period.


Grades Pre-K through 5
Students- Students will continue to receive their standards based report cards for the third quarter and the fourth quarter. Grade levels are reporting the key standards that they are focusing on going forward and we know we will need to make some adjustments to the curriculum next year. It is important that students complete all assignments as their teacher requires.


Grades 6-12
For the third quarter- students will receive the grade that they would have received on all work due and submitted by March 13, 2020. In the event a student earned a grade of 64 or below, the student will be receive and INCOMPLETE on their 3rd quarter report card and are expected complete tasks as assigned by their teacher. There will be a deadline to complete this makeup work assigned by the teacher. (So, if you were failing the third marking period, you are still failing the marking period until you make up the work.) We will have to evaluate how we report 4th quarter grades after we receive additional information.


We recognize there are many questions and I want to address:

Q- If we are unable to hold a traditional graduation ceremony on June 26, 2020, can we be creative and celebrate our graduates in another way?
A-Yes, a graduation from high school is a milestone that must be celebrated! We are working on a few different alternatives if we are unable to hold our traditional ceremony. So much will depend on what the guidelines are for social distancing and gatherings in public. We are open to having an outdoor celebration; finding a large location that allows us to socially distance; holding one on one ceremonies. We will make this happen. If we can, we are willing to have a Senior Dinner Dance for graduates in July or early August!


Q-Would we consider moving the Junior Prom to the fall for the Class of 2021?
A-ABSOLUTELY! Upon our return to school, we will work with the Class Advisors and Class of 2021 to have an event in the Fall and also have a Senior Dinner Dance in June.


Q- Are we planning on retaining elementary students in their grade level?
A-That is not our goal! We would prefer for our students to demonstrate their knowledge going forward to the best of their ability. It is my hope that we can offer some optional enrichment to students this summer and then focus our energies on bridging gaps in learning in September.


Q-Are we planning on having secondary students retaking yearlong courses?
A-As long as a student maintains their studies for the rest of the year and makes up any of their work from the 3rd marking period, our students should be able to pass. There will not be traditional Regents Exams. Students who were scheduled to take the Regents Exam will be awarded the Regents credit as long as they pass the course.


Q-If I do not know where to find an answer about my child’s education, who do I reach out to?
A-Please reach out to your building principal. They have the best access to everyone who supports our students and are more than happen to work with you. You are never a burden.


Q-Mr. Staats, do you think we will re-open this school year?
A-I honestly do not know. The Governor is considering all the information he has available to him to make the best and most informed decision he can. I would not want his job! I am going to continue with the mindset that we will have to support our students’ learning through the end of the school year. If we are able to open any sooner, I will consider it a gift.


Please feel free to follow-up with any questions or concerns with your building administrators or my office.


My Best,

Christopher A. Staats