Hannibal students build apps in coding class

As computer-based jobs continue to grow, students in the Hannibal Central School District are embracing high-tech learning options.

This year, Dennis M. Kenney Middle School students are building code and developing applications using JavaScript during a 10-week course in Tony Tuso’s classroom. Throughout the process, they are learning about algorithms, program design and principles of computer science.

“Yes, they learn about coding, but they also develop important skills that translate into any field,” Tuso said. “They are developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, which will take them wherever they want to go.”

The students are also honing their communication skills as they work with a partner through the code.org curriculum. After learning the foundational skills, they apply their knowledge to build a game or an app.

“There is a huge need for computer programmers today and there will be in the future,” Tuso said. “This curriculum is right for these students and it gives them the basics to understand coding. They’ll be well-equipped and prepared for the future.”