Fairley 4th Graders Explore Outdoor Lessons at Camp Hollis

Chilly weather didn’t stop Fairley Elementary School fourth-graders from outdoor exploration during a recent academic field trip to Camp Hollis.


Set on the shore of Lake Ontario, the camp served as the perfect backdrop for the exploratory science lessons all about geology, nature and layers of pond water, among other topics. Teacher Nancy Miller reviewed with her students during one session how geology is the study of the Earth’s surface. After sharing some facts about Lake Ontario and how the body of water was formed, Miller led the fourth-grade students in an experiment about how and where small, medium and large particles fall to form things. In small groups, students put measurements of salt, rice and cereal in a baggie, shook the combination up and observed how the particles settled.


The hands-on learning experience was step one to their scientific process, as they also recorded information for lessons. Other stations included an exploration of rocks at Lake Ontario’s shore, a nature trail walk and various small-group skits about nature.