Electives at Hannibal High School offer diverse options

In addition to a full slate of core classes, Hannibal High School students have an opportunity to explore more than 40 elective courses this year.

The diverse offerings cover every subject area, from music and art to social studies and technology. Students can enroll in unique courses such as “Active Physics: Driving and Sports” as a science unit or “Drones in Today’s Society” for math credit.

According to high school counselor Brooke Fingland, the range of courses provides ample opportunities for students to earn their required credits.

“Students need 3.5 electives to graduate, but the vast majority graduate with much more than that,” she said.

Music teacher Denise Ellis noted her students have capitalized on the chance to participate in elective courses. The classes, she said, help students develop music knowledge and soft skills while tapping into an array of interests.

“They appreciate an environment that exposes them to different experiences, exploring different cultures, customs and traditions through art, music, literature, sport, food, etc.,” Ellis said. “They also said that their likes and interests span a wide range, and they would like to be able to explore as much as possible.”

Students are not the only ones who are thrilled by the many opportunities available. Social studies teacher Patrick Earley said he is pleased to offer new electives this year, such as “American History Through Art, Literature and Music” and “History Through Film.”

“It’s exciting to be able to offer courses where we can really dive in and focus on a more condensed time period or niche in history,” Earley said. “There are so many topics that students show interest in … these courses give them a chance to explore some aspects of history that do not fall within the traditional confines of our curriculum.”