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   Director of Pupil Services/
   Special Education/ Title IX
   Compliance Officer
Mrs. Stacy Longyear
   P:  (315) 564-8100 ext 5007

   CSE/CPSE Secretary
Mrs. Meghan Welling
   P:  (315) 564-8100 ext 5007

   District Registrar
Mrs. Jessica Wakefield
   P:  (315) 564-8100 ext 5008


Welcome to Pupil Services of Hannibal Central School District

 A team of dedicated professionals works to support our students academically, social-emotionally and behaviorally. Having an educational environment that is supportive, high-performing and models character is essential. We believe that parent involvement is a critical piece of each child’s success and we welcome parents to take an active role in their child’s education at our school district.



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Hannibal Central School District
Christopher Staats, Superintendent
928 Cayuga Street
Hannibal, NY 13074

Phone: 315-564-8100

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